9 de March de 2017

Grand Research Challenges

HCI Grand Challenges Panel:

  • Challenge 1: Future, Smart Cities, and Sustainability – Leader: Vagner Santana – Collaborators: Vânia de Almeida Neris, Kamila Rodrigues, Renata Rodrigues Oliveira, Newton Galindo Jr.
  • Challenge 2: Accessibility and Digital Inclusion – Leader: Simone Bacellar Leal Ferreira – Collaborators: Carolina Sacramento, Aline Alves, Carla Leitão, Denise Maciel, Simone Gueiber, Talita Britto
  • Challenge 3: Ubiquity, Multiple Devices, and Tangibility – Leader: Vânia de Almeida Nêris – Collaborators: Elizabeth Furtado, Gilberto Villa Nova, Isabela Gasparini, Leonardo Cunha de Miranda, Marcelo Barbosa e Tatiana Alencar
  • Challenge 4: Human Values – Leaders: Cristiano Maciel e Luciana Salgado – Collaborators: Carla Leitão, Lara Piccolo, Patricia de Souza, Raquel Prates, Roberto Pereira, Vinicius Pereira
  • Challenge 5: HCI Education and Industry – Leader: Lucia Filgueiras

In 2012, the Brazilian HCI  community held the GrandDIHC-BR panel to discuss Grand HCI Research Challenges in Brazil for the next decade (2013-2022) and to extend the reach of Grand Challenge in Computing #4, “Participatory and Universal Access for the Brazilian Citizen to Knowledge”, proposed by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) in 2006.

As a result of the joint effort, five Grand Challenges in HCI Research were identified:

  • Future, Smart Cities, and Sustainability
  • Accessibility and Digital Inclusion
  • Ubiquity, Multiple Devices, and Tangibility
  • Human Values
  • HCI Education and Industry

The organizers published a report with the panel results, and in IHC 2014, several researchers presented work that addressed the challenges proposed in 2012.

Five years have passed since the first GranDIHC-BR, which identified the challenges. It is time for reflection: What has our community done to face those challenges? What results have already had an impact? What obstacles remain?

In IHC 2017, we have an opportunity to go back to this discussion, but in a different format: a discussion panel. The panel will be composed of “leaders”, researchers of our community invited by this track organizers, each leader representing one of the grand challenges.

We invite the entire community to collaborate with the discussion by submitting a 1-page position statement, addressed to one of the challenges in this track. The track chairs, together with the invited leaders, will analyze the position statements and select some of them whose authors will work with the corresponding challenge leader to produce an invited short paper, which will be included in the ACM/DL proceedings.


The position statements should follow the ACM SIGCHI papers (2015) format and be submitted via JEMS as a PDF file.


The leader of each challenge will compile the selected position statements and will promote the discussion in the panel, addressing the following issues:

  • A brief evolution of our community in facing the challenge, pointing out impactful results and identified obstacles;
  • a set of questions which promote reflection upon the challenge; and
  • a research agenda for the next five years.


Important dates:

Position statements submission: 03/May/2017 24/Apr/2017

Notification of results: 22/May/2017 15/May/2017

Camera-ready version of the invited short paper (submitted by the leaders): 03/Jul/2017



Milene Selbach Silveira (PUCRS): milene.silveira@pucrs.br

Simone DJ Barbosa (PUC-Rio): simone@inf.puc-rio.br

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