About IHC

Joinville will host the 16th edition of the Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computing Systems (IHC 2017).

Main event in the Human Computer-Interaction area in Brazil, the IHC annually gathers professionals from industry, lecturers, researchers and students interested in scientific investigation and practices related to creating, building and evaluating computing solutions to be used by people.

Traditionally, the IHC has been an important forum of critical debate not only around innovative ideas and practical solutions for everyday issues, but also about ethics and moral of those involved in the design of technology, professional education on Computing and Information and Communication Technology, and about the society that  we wish to mediated by the technology we design.


Emotion and Movement

The theme of IHC 2017 refers to a society mediated by information and communication technologies, showing that we not  “use” technology any longer, but we live with it. In this sense, there is no questioning on WHETHER technology impacts the social world, but HOW it impacts society’s complex dynamics, full of movement and emotion, tinged with values, and characterized by different cultures and ways of see and act upon the world.

With Emotion and Movement, the IHC 2017 highlights emotional and affective aspects related to design and use of computing solutions, and brings to the centre of the debate ethical, moral and social aspects that pervade research and practice of Human Computer Interaction and are relevant to Computing in a comprehensive way.


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